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Each project brings unique challenges and that's what makes us tick.
We will create something you've never seen before. We'll surprise you.
And then we hope you'll say, "How did you think of that?!"

Our clients are corporate, private & non-profit.
Our clients are always fabulous and sometimes famous.
You can become our client.

We work hard. We play hard. We love parties.
We remember life before remote controls, cell phones and Apple.
We love Facebook, Twitter and have a cool idea for the "next new thing".

Bonny Katzman is the name behind "BK" Design.
She has energy, edge and elegance. She loves travel, food and fashion.
These interests influence her aesthetic.

She is easy to work with and runs with an idea.
She can create something out of nothing.
Her designs are memorable, beautiful and win awards.

Contributing to her success--
The Rhode Island School of Design.
Family, friends, wine and, of course, chocolate.


BK Design
450 Harrison Ave. Suite #410A
Boston, MA 02118

BK Design
PO Box 635
East Hampton NY 11937